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Health Insurance

Health Insurance plays a key role in every individual life which people fails to understand. They think that the premium which they are paying is not a good investment because if nothing happened then it's is of no use. Wegentum wants to educate people to treat health insurance as an important tool which plays a role to save once hard earned money in critical illness time. Suppose a person starts his carrier at the age of 25 and starting earning money , after 5 years he accumulated an amount of 15 lakh but due to any circumstances he fell sick and gets hospitalized. All his hard earn money gets whipped away in months. This is the reason that every individual should take health insurance for saving their hard earn money being used in hospital expenses.

People spend thousands of bucks in insuring their cars, shops but real wealth needed to enjoy hard earned wealth is health ,
Have we realized to which extent people are ignoring it.ervision of advisors.

Why we need Health Insurance
  • For getting well treatment in Private Hospitals without concerning about the charges.
  • Emergencies can come anytime, so it good to be ready instead of being surprised.
  • As earlier we take insurance policy the lesser the premium we have to pay.
  • Tax benefit of premium under Section 80D under Income Tax Act.
Type Of Health Insurance Policy
  • Individual Health Insurance Policy
  • Family Floater Health Insurance Policy.

Thus As a Wealth Manager Wegentum understand the value of real wealth to and always try to educate Investors about the requirement of their wealth and health needs.

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