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General insurance

We all are fond of our house, car, office, etc as we build up them with our hard work and investment of both time and money. These assets in life are precious to us and wish to safe guard them. These all can be secured to with general insurance.

General insurance which means we will be getting a tentative amount back of there face value in order to rebuild them in case of damage, theft or burglary.

General insurance -
  • Car/auto insurance - it covers the damage of vehicles either done by third party in accident or oneself or even used by any family member.

Even while buying the vehicle the insurance is suggested n is mandatory.

A personal accident insurance policy previlant these days which covers a large risk for small premium. It covers death, temporary and total disability. The insurance last for a small duration which has to be renewed again annually.

For example - on paying the premium of rs 1000 a year risk cover of 2lakhs is there but the premium amount is non refundable. You have to renew it for next year.

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