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As our core purpose is to provide one roof financial solution to clients who avail our services . It means we provide and reflect all their financial transaction with transparency , easy accessibility that the clients  can have their statement of mutual fund with the help of e-software where  they have their live holdings. They can have FDs and its maturity value, they will get notification about their insurance premium and maturity details

In our retail section our prime focus to be out of the box that is totally different from the crowd and show that how a financial services can be provided better and up to the new level where no one has reached with novelty.

We try that every client can earn maximum return on annualized overall return from their portfolio.Helping individuals to realize the potential of equity investing for long term wealth creation by offering unbiased educational content in simple and easy-to- understand language. Language communicates and bind us together, the ground of Wegentum to have a longlasting relationship with our clients by which we can grow together and flourish well beyond horizon.

Instead of taking it as an investment underlying people start taking it as a speculation alternative.

We wait almost 7 yrs to double the money in banks for FD's .we even buy gold maybe in the form of jewellery thinking that it will give good return in future or will sell it at the time of need. Although no one really sells gold as it comes to an Indian social taboo and it remains in lockers for years.But when it comes to equity we change our tendency and view for ulta short term level of investment. Wegentum believes that today in India and Sply in Uttar Pradesh people think purchasing equity is purchasing price ,which is actually not a true fact. While purchasing equity we need to keep in mind we are purchasing it as bussiness. Wegentum wants to make the investors understand the difference of trading and investment. Trading and investment are two extreme ends of a rope.

Investing in equity once for long time helps the investors to preserve their money and grows it on long term basis. Once let it grow it results in wealth creation . Equity is Like a bamboo plant which takes time to grow in height first it spreads it's roots and have a strong hold in soil it almost take years before its stem arises but when bamboo stem arises it grows taller than any other plant. In India equity is considered risky investment but Wegentum believes risky is not equity but the way we all playing it. When it comes to trading one should understand that individual needs to understand and have hold on market movement on short term basis which might be risky at times. As a responsible organisation Wegentum understand it's role and always tries to educate it's clients helps them to preserve and grow their money with long term equity.

Vision of maximizing wealth is the deep rooted thought of Wegentum.

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